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KJS::BooleanPrototypeImp Class Reference

#include <bool_object.h>

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Detailed Description

For internal use only.

The initial value of Boolean.prototype (and thus all objects created with the Boolean constructor

Definition at line 44 of file bool_object.h.

Public Member Functions

 BooleanPrototypeImp (ExecState *exec, ObjectPrototypeImp *objectProto, FunctionPrototypeImp *funcProto)
virtual Value call (ExecState *exec, Object &thisObj, const List &args)
virtual bool canPut (ExecState *exec, const Identifier &propertyName) const
virtual const ClassInfoclassInfo () const
virtual UString className () const
virtual Object construct (ExecState *exec, const List &args)
virtual Value defaultValue (ExecState *exec, Type hint) const
void deleteAllProperties (ExecState *)
virtual bool deleteProperty (ExecState *exec, unsigned propertyName)
virtual bool deleteProperty (ExecState *exec, const Identifier &propertyName)
bool deref ()
bool dispatchToBoolean (ExecState *exec) const
double dispatchToNumber (ExecState *exec) const
Object dispatchToObject (ExecState *exec) const
Value dispatchToPrimitive (ExecState *exec, Type preferredType=UnspecifiedType) const
UString dispatchToString (ExecState *exec) const
bool dispatchToUInt32 (uint32_t &) const
Type dispatchType () const
virtual Value get (ExecState *exec, unsigned propertyName) const
virtual Value get (ExecState *exec, const Identifier &propertyName) const
ValueImpgetDirect (const Identifier &propertyName) const
virtual Boolean hasInstance (ExecState *exec, const Value &value)
virtual bool hasProperty (ExecState *exec, unsigned propertyName) const
virtual bool hasProperty (ExecState *exec, const Identifier &propertyName) const
virtual bool implementsCall () const
virtual bool implementsConstruct () const
virtual bool implementsHasInstance () const
bool inherits (const ClassInfo *cinfo) const
Value internalValue () const
virtual void mark ()
bool marked () const
void operator delete (void *)
void * operator new (size_t)
virtual ReferenceList propList (ExecState *exec, bool recursive=true)
Value prototype () const
virtual void put (ExecState *exec, unsigned propertyName, const Value &value, int attr=None)
virtual void put (ExecState *exec, const Identifier &propertyName, const Value &value, int attr=None)
void putDirect (const Identifier &propertyName, int value, int attr=0)
void putDirect (const Identifier &propertyName, ValueImp *value, int attr=0)
ValueImpref ()
void restoreProperties (const SavedProperties &p)
void saveProperties (SavedProperties &p) const
const ScopeChain & scope () const
void setGcAllowed ()
void setGcAllowedFast ()
void setInternalValue (ValueImp *v)
void setInternalValue (const Value &v)
void setPrototype (const Value &proto)
void setScope (const ScopeChain &s)
bool toBoolean (ExecState *exec) const
int32_t toInt32 (ExecState *exec) const
double toInteger (ExecState *exec) const
double toNumber (ExecState *exec) const
Object toObject (ExecState *exec) const
Value toPrimitive (ExecState *exec, Type preferredType=UnspecifiedType) const
UString toString (ExecState *exec) const
uint16_t toUInt16 (ExecState *exec) const
uint32_t toUInt32 (ExecState *exec) const
Type type () const

Public Attributes

unsigned short int refcount

Static Public Attributes

static const ClassInfo info = {"Boolean", 0, 0, 0}

Protected Attributes

PropertyMap _prop

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