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KJS::Interpreter Class Reference

#include <interpreter.h>

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Detailed Description

Interpreter objects can be used to evaluate ECMAScript code. Each interpreter has a global object which is used for the purposes of code evaluation, and also provides access to built-in properties such as " Object" and "Number".

Definition at line 127 of file interpreter.h.

Public Types

enum  CompatMode { NativeMode, IECompat, NetscapeCompat }

Public Member Functions

Object builtinArray () const
Object builtinArrayPrototype () const
Object builtinBoolean () const
Object builtinBooleanPrototype () const
Object builtinDate () const
Object builtinDatePrototype () const
Object builtinError () const
Object builtinErrorPrototype () const
Object builtinEvalError () const
Object builtinEvalErrorPrototype () const
Object builtinFunction () const
Object builtinFunctionPrototype () const
Object builtinNumber () const
Object builtinNumberPrototype () const
Object builtinObject () const
Object builtinObjectPrototype () const
Object builtinRangeError () const
Object builtinRangeErrorPrototype () const
Object builtinReferenceError () const
Object builtinReferenceErrorPrototype () const
Object builtinRegExp () const
Object builtinRegExpPrototype () const
Object builtinString () const
Object builtinStringPrototype () const
Object builtinSyntaxError () const
Object builtinSyntaxErrorPrototype () const
Object builtinTypeError () const
Object builtinTypeErrorPrototype () const
Object builtinURIError () const
Object builtinURIErrorPrototype () const
bool checkSyntax (const UString &code)
CompatMode compatMode () const
Completion evaluate (const UString &code, const Value &thisV=Value(), const UString &sourceFilename=UString())
Completion evaluate (const UString &sourceURL, int startingLineNumber, const UString &code, const Value &thisV=Value())
ExecStateglobalExec ()
ObjectglobalObject () const
InterpreterImp * imp ()
void initGlobalObject ()
 Interpreter ()
 Interpreter (const Object &global)
virtual void mark ()
void restoreBuiltins (const SavedBuiltins &)
virtual int rtti ()
void saveBuiltins (SavedBuiltins &) const
void setCompatMode (CompatMode mode)

Static Public Member Functions

static void lock ()
static int lockCount ()
static void unlock ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void virtual_hook (int id, void *data)

Private Member Functions

 Interpreter (const Interpreter &)
Interpreter operator= (const Interpreter &)

Private Attributes

InterpreterImp * rep

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