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KJS::Number Class Reference

#include <value.h>

Inheritance diagram for KJS::Number:


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Detailed Description

Represents an primitive Number value

Definition at line 365 of file value.h.

Public Member Functions

ValueImpimp () const
int intValue () const
bool isA (Type t) const
bool isInf () const
bool isNaN () const
bool isNull () const
 Number (long unsigned int l)
 Number (long int l)
 Number (double d=0.0)
 Number (unsigned int u)
 Number (int i)
bool toBoolean (ExecState *exec) const
int32_t toInt32 (ExecState *exec) const
double toInteger (ExecState *exec) const
double toNumber (ExecState *exec) const
Object toObject (ExecState *exec) const
Value toPrimitive (ExecState *exec, Type preferredType=UnspecifiedType) const
UString toString (ExecState *exec) const
uint16_t toUInt16 (ExecState *exec) const
bool toUInt32 (uint32_t &i) const
uint32_t toUInt32 (ExecState *exec) const
Type type () const
double value () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Number dynamicCast (const Value &v)

Protected Attributes


Private Member Functions

 Number (NumberImp *v)


class NumberImp
class ValueImp

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