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KJS::UCharReference Class Reference

#include <ustring.h>

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Detailed Description

Dynamic reference to a string character.

UCharReference is the dynamic counterpart of UChar. It's used when characters retrieved via index from a UString are used in an assignment expression (and therefore can't be treated as being const):

 UString s("hello world");
 s[0] = 'H';

If that sounds confusing your best bet is to simply forget about the existance of this class and treat is as being identical to UChar.

Definition at line 128 of file ustring.h.

Public Member Functions

unsigned char high () const
unsigned char low () const
UCharReferenceoperator= (char c)
UCharReferenceoperator= (UChar c)
UChar toLower () const
UChar toUpper () const
unsigned short unicode () const

Private Member Functions

UCharref () const
 UCharReference (UString *s, unsigned int off)

Private Attributes

int offset


class UString

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