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KJS::UString Class Reference

#include <ustring.h>

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Detailed Description

Unicode string class.

Definition at line 198 of file ustring.h.

Public Member Functions

UStringappend (UChar c)
UStringappend (char c)
UStringappend (unsigned short)
UStringappend (const char *)
UStringappend (const UString &)
char * ascii () const
CString cstring () const
const UChardata () const
int find (UChar, int pos=0) const
int find (const UString &f, int pos=0) const
bool is8Bit () const
bool isEmpty () const
bool isNull () const
UStringoperator+= (const char *s)
UStringoperator+= (const UString &s)
UStringoperator= (const UString &)
UStringoperator= (const char *c)
UCharReference operator[] (int pos)
UChar operator[] (int pos) const
QConstString qconststring () const
QString qstring () const
int rfind (UChar, int pos) const
int rfind (const UString &f, int pos) const
int size () const
DOM::DOMString string () const
UString substr (int pos=0, int len=-1) const
unsigned toArrayIndex (bool *ok=0) const
double toDouble () const
double toDouble (bool tolerateTrailingJunk) const
double toDouble (bool tolerateTrailingJunk, bool tolerateEmptyString) const
uint32_t toStrictUInt32 (bool *ok=0) const
uint32_t toUInt32 (bool *ok=0) const
unsigned long toULong (bool *ok=0) const
unsigned long toULong (bool *ok, bool tolerateEmptyString) const
 UString (const UString &, const UString &)
 UString (const DOM::DOMString &)
 UString (const QString &)
 UString (const UString &s)
 UString (UChar *c, int length, bool copy)
 UString (const UChar *c, int length)
 UString (const char *c)
 UString (char c)
 UString ()
CString UTF8String () const
 ~UString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static UString from (double d)
static UString from (long l)
static UString from (unsigned int u)
static UString from (int i)
static const UStringnull ()

Private Member Functions

void attach (Rep *r)
void detach ()
void expandCapacity (int requiredLength)
int expandedSize (int size, int otherSize) const
void expandPreCapacity (int requiredPreCap)
void release ()
int usedCapacity () const
int usedPreCapacity () const
 UString (Rep *r)

Private Attributes



class Identifier
bool operator== (const UString &, const UString &)
class PropertyMap
class PropertyMapHashTableEntry
class UCharReference


struct  Rep

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