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KJS::ValueImp Class Reference

#include <value.h>

Inheritance diagram for KJS::ValueImp:

KJS::ObjectPrototypeImp KJS::BooleanPrototypeImp KJS::DatePrototypeImp KJS::BooleanObjectImp KJS::BooleanProtoFuncImp KJS::DateObjectFuncImp KJS::DateObjectImp KJS::DateProtoFuncImp KJS::FunctionImp KJS::FunctionObjectImp KJS::FunctionProtoFuncImp KJS::FunctionPrototypeImp KJS::NumberObjectImp KJS::NumberProtoFuncImp KJS::ObjectObjectImp KJS::ObjectProtoFuncImp KJS::StringObjectFuncImp KJS::StringObjectImp KJS::StringProtoFuncImp KJS::NumberPrototypeImp KJS::StringPrototypeImp

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Detailed Description

ValueImp is the base type for all primitives (Undefined, Null, Boolean, String, Number) and objects in ECMAScript.

Note: you should never inherit from ValueImp as it is for primitive types only (all of which are provided internally by KJS). Instead, inherit from ObjectImp.

Definition at line 93 of file value.h.

Public Member Functions

bool deref ()
bool dispatchToBoolean (ExecState *exec) const
double dispatchToNumber (ExecState *exec) const
Object dispatchToObject (ExecState *exec) const
Value dispatchToPrimitive (ExecState *exec, Type preferredType=UnspecifiedType) const
UString dispatchToString (ExecState *exec) const
bool dispatchToUInt32 (uint32_t &) const
Type dispatchType () const
virtual void mark ()
bool marked () const
void operator delete (void *)
void * operator new (size_t)
ValueImpref ()
void setGcAllowed ()
void setGcAllowedFast ()
int32_t toInt32 (ExecState *exec) const
double toInteger (ExecState *exec) const
uint16_t toUInt16 (ExecState *exec) const
uint32_t toUInt32 (ExecState *exec) const

Public Attributes

unsigned short int refcount

Private Types

enum  { VI_MARKED = 1, VI_GCALLOWED = 2, VI_CREATED = 4 }

Private Member Functions

ValueImpoperator= (const ValueImp &)
virtual bool toBoolean (ExecState *exec) const =0
virtual double toNumber (ExecState *exec) const =0
virtual Object toObject (ExecState *exec) const =0
virtual Value toPrimitive (ExecState *exec, Type preferredType=UnspecifiedType) const =0
virtual UString toString (ExecState *exec) const =0
virtual bool toUInt32 (unsigned &) const
virtual Type type () const =0
 ValueImp (const ValueImp &)

Private Attributes

unsigned short int _flags


class Collector
class ContextImp
class Value

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